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List of European LowCost Airlines!

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Update 2007/12/30

Here you can find the complete list of the lowcost airlines. You can find a link on the right below..

Aegean Airlines:
Flights within Greece (home base) and Greece to Western Europe

Aer Arann:
Flights within Ireland and from Ireland to England, Scotland

Air 2000:
Flights between England (home base Manchester) and Portugal, Spain

Air Baltic:
Flights between home bases Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine

Air Berlin:
Flights within Germany and from Germany (home base Berlin) to Austria, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey

Air Finland:
Flights within Finland (home base Helsinki) and from Finland to France, Italy, Spain

Air Scotland:
Flights between Scotland (home base) and Spain

Air Service Plus:
Flights between Italy (home base Pescara) and Brussels, Paris

Air Southwest:
Flights within England

Alpi Eagles_
Flights within Italy (home base Venice)

Flights between Switzerland (home base Geneva) and Czech Rep., France, Italy, Spain

Flights from Italy to Albania, Greece, Turkey

Blue1 :
Flights within Finland and from Finland (home base Helsinki) to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden

Blue Air :
Flights between Romania (home base) and France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey

Flights within Italy and Italy (home base Rome) to Austria, France, Germany, Libya

BMI Baby :
Flights between England (home base) and Czech Rep., France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Wales

British European:
Flights between England and Channel Islands, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Ulster

Flights between Ireland (home base Dublin) and France, Greece, Portugal, Spain

Flights from Germany to most European countries

Flights between Netherlands and Turkey

Dau Air:
Flights between Germany (home base Dortmund) and Poland, Switzerland

EasyJet :
Flights between England (home base London) and Denmark, France, Greece, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Ulster

Flights between Italy (home base Ancona) and France, Russia, Spain

Excel Airways :
Flights from England and Scotland to Egypt, France, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Turkey

Fly Dba :
Flights within Germany and from Germany to France, Spain

Fly Me :
Flights within Sweden (home base) and Finland

Globespan :
Flights between Scotland (home base) and France, Italy, Spain

Hapag Lloyd Express:
Flights within Germany (home base Cologne-Bonn) and from Germany to England, France, Italy, Spain

Helvetic Airways:
Flights between Switzerland (home base Zurich) and Austria, Belgium, Spain

Iceland Express :
Flights between Iceland (home base) and Denmark, England

InterSky :
Flights between Austria (home base Wien) and France, Italy, Switzerland

Itali Airlines :
Flights within Italy and Italy - Croatia v.v.

Jet2 :
Flights between England (home base Leeds-Bradford) and France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain

Flights from Germany to most European countries

Meridiana :
Flights within Italy (home base Florence) and from Italy to England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain

Monarch Airlines :
Flights between England (home base London-Luton) and Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain

My Travel Lite:
Flights between England (home base) and France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

MyAir - My Way Airlines:
Flights within Italy and between Italy (home base) and France, Romania and Spain

Nordic Airlink :
Flights between Sweden (home base Stockholm) and Norway

Norwegian Air Shuttle:
Flights within Norway (home base) and from Norway to England, Portugal, Spain

Pegasus Airlines:
Flights within Turkey and Turkey - Germany v.v.

Ryanair :
Flights between England (home base London-Stansted) and Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden

Flights between Sweden (home base) and Bosnia, Croatia

Flights between Slovakia (home base Bratislava) and Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland

Smart Wings:
Flights between Czech Republic (home base Prague) and Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland

Snalskjutsen :
Flights within Sweden (home base) and from Sweden to France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland

Sterling :
Flights between Denmark (home base Copenhagen) and France, Greece, Italy, Madeira, Norway, Spain, Sweden

Sun Express:
Flights between Turkey (home base Antalya) and Austria, Germany, Switzerland

ThomsonFly :
Flights between England (home base Coventry) and France, Italy, Jersey, Spain

Virgin Express :
Flights between Belgium (home base Brussels) and Denmark, England, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

VLM Airlines:
Flights between Belgium (home base) and England, Germany, Guernsey, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg and Netherlands

Vueling Airlines :
Flights within Spain (home base) and from Spain to Brussels, Paris

Windjet Vola:
Flights within Italy (home base Sicily)

Wizz Air :
Flights from Hungary (home base Budapest) and Poland (home base Katowice) to Czech Rep., England, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden

These airlines aren't real LowCost but belong to a major Airline....i won't put a link in this website

CentralWings (Fake low-cost by LOT)
Flights between Poland (home base) and Czech Rep., England, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain

Clickair (Fake low-cost by Iberia)
Flights between Spain (home base Barcelona) and Czech Rep., France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland

Fare4U ( Fake low-cost by Air Malta)
Flights between Malta (home base) and London Stansted

SnowFlake Airlines (Fake low-cost by Scandinavian Airlines)
Flights from Denmark (home base Copenhagen) and Sweden (home base Stockholm) to Czech Rep., France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Turkey

Transavia (Fake low-cost by KLM)
Flights between Netherlands (home base Amsterdam) and Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

German Wings (Fake low-cost by Lufthansa)
Flights within Germany and from Germany (home base Cologne) to Austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey

Hellas..a cool place ^_^

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You know you're from GREECE when...

Afternoon becomes morning, and evening becomes noon

You eat dinner after 10 p.m.

You eat breakfast before going to bed

When the traffic light turns orange, instead of pressing the brakes, you speed through

It takes you four hours to drink a cup of coffee

You dress up to go for coffee, but you go clubbing dressed easy

You are over clubbing by the age of 20

Pollution doesn't bother you

You hate cab drivers and their inappropriate attempts at conversation (vulgar descriptions of fictitious female conquests top the list)

Your neighbourhood has a street called El. Venizelou

When driving, people mistake your thank-you gesture,for a MOUNTZA(vulgar hand-sign)

You forget what Telestet is now called

You complain thats its too cold when its 30 degrees in summer

Pavements are seen as parking spaces

You can't understand how cities in other countries function without "periptera" (drugstore kiosks)

Tourists amuse you

You've never seen the changing of the guard at the parliament, and still cannot understand why people find it so amusing.

You are tired of seeing women with Cayennes ,driving as if they own the road.

You are so over the Athens-Thessaloniki rivalry

You consider Athens the only city in Greece

You consider the Interamerican tower a skyscraper

You call your friends and your enemies by the same name: MALAKAS

You have had two meals of the day at a cafe/restaurant because you sat there for so long

Strikes are national holidays

Rain and snow wreak havoc but simply add to the excitement

You associate Syngrou avenue,with debauchery (hookers, strippers, Baby-O)

No smoking signs are so vintage.

Recycling is still theoretical to you.

Your souvlakia(gyros delivery) come faster than an ambulance

You pay a whole month's salary at the Bouzoukia(greek popuilar music) in one night

Frappe' is something like religion to you

You can easily find yourself in a traffic jam at 5-6am on a Sunday morning

You refuse to go out for the 8th night in a row to "PARALIAKI"(athens coast ride), but you do it anyway.

You sit around at Starbucks and do your homework...for several hours.

When you go to Kolonaki square on a weekday, your friends from abroad ask: "don't these people work???"

You use your car to go to the bakery which is down the street from your house (a 2 minute walk)

You are annoyed that in order to go shopping on a Saturday you need to wake up early because shops CLOSE AT 3 O'CLOCK!

You like getting in bitch fights with public servants

You see a children's indoor party center right next to strip clubs on syggrou

You can order pizza,gyros,pasta,sweets at home,even at 2 o' clock in the morning

Despite all this, you wouldn't dream of living anywhere else.

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Undicesimo giorno / 11 day in Japan

Vi ricorda qualche manga? / reminds you manga?
Dentro la macchina con Hideo / inside the car with Hideo

Lago Towada / Towada lake
Terme Skyu / Onsen Skyu

Pronti per partire / ready to go

Oggi partiti un po' più tardi per delle terme molto tradizionali! Dopo un paio di ore siamo arrivati al lago Towada, molto grande e bello, avrei creduto fosse il mare se non mi avessero detto che era un lago, quasi quasi avrei fatto il bagno!!!

Arrivati finalmente alle temre una brutta sorpesa ci aspettava...erano chiuse! Cosi abbiamo scelto di andare alle terme Skyu, molto famose ed altrettanto tradizionali con vasca centrale comune per uomini e donne. Visto che era estate l'assenza di vapori constringe la stragrande maggioranza delle ragazze, per evitare i sguardi “innocenti" dei uomini, a servirsi di un'altra vasca nel piano di sopra. La vasca è comunque separata a metà da un cartello e se uno passa viene sgridato, cosa che è successa a Matteo che non se ne era accorto :) Dentro oltre la vasca enorme comune c'era anche una doccia molto zen che da grande distanza batteva alle proprie spalle....bellissimo!!

Nel viaggio ci ha accompagnato anche Hideo la cui compagnia era molto gradita ed utile per imparare nuove frasi e parole in giapponese da dire ad akiko! Una volta finite le terme siamo tornati ad Aomori per vestirci per il nebuta, la festa locale. Vestiti e pronti, belli molto belli con i sonagli nelle caviglie e capelli siamo pronti per la festa!

Molto molto bella, peccato che non sono riuscito a riprendere niente perche non mi potevo portare la macchina fotografica. Abbiamo ballato e cantato per circa 2 ore saltellando sui piedi urlando RASERA' rassarà, rasserà serrà serrà.....fico. La frase voleva dire “andiamo avanti, andiamo avanti...”. Ho sperimentato anche le frasi di Hideo per le ragazze: Yo, nee chan e Genki genki...funzionano con tutte!

Tornati stanchi morti a casa, ho dormito un po' con gli occhi aperti e dopo pronti per la cena abbondante come al solito...ora ci prepariamo per la partenza di domani. I ragazzi prendono lo shinkansen ed io e matteo andiamo in macchina....arriverremo pomeriggio tardi per forse l'italian party! A domani.....

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Kendo Genova Cus

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CUS Genova Kendo « Andrea Doria Kendo

Siamo lieti di annunciarvi che da Gennaio 2008 una felice collaborazione fra il Dojo di Kendo della S.G. Andrea Doria e il CUS Genova darà vita al CUS Genova Kendo.

Un corso di Kendo ospitato dal CUS Genova e tenuto dai kendoki dello storico dojo genovese rivolto prevalentemente a ragazze e ragazzi in età universitaria, ma non solo.

Il corso vi accompagnerà dai fondamentali alla base del kendo, fino alle tecniche di combattimento. Un percorso in cui l’aspetto agonistico si fonde con la crescita personale dell’individuo.

Certi del successo dell’iniziativa, rivolta a tutti coloro che sono desiderosi di avvicinarsi a questa affascinante arte marziale, vi invitiamo a partecipare al primo allenamento inaugurale (con dimostrazione pratica) che si terrà a partire da Gennaio 2008.

Per maggiori dettagli vi consigliamo di visitare frequentemente questa pagina. La aggiorneremo spesso da qui a Gennaio aggiungendovi tutto ciò che è necessario sapere per partecipare al corso e non perdersi la prima lezione

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Japan Passport Control - Controllo passaporti giappone

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From november 20 every foreign visitor will be asked to have his fingerprints and a photo taken during proccedures of entering.
Whoever refuses can't enter Japan.
Japan is the second country after US that has this system. It should help against terrorism but it will be more usefull for illegal immigration!!
Remember to compile paper given in the plane with the address of place to stay.

Dal 20 novembre, durante le procedure di ingresso i viaggiatori stranieri sono obbligati a lasciare le impronte digitali del indice di entrambi le mani e farsi fotografare!

Chi rifiuta non può entrare in giappone.

Il giappone è il secondo paese dopo gli stati uniti ad adottare questo sistema. Dovrebbe servire per l'antiterrorismo ma sarà più utile contro l'immigrazione clandestina!!

Ricordatevi di compilare bene il foglio che verrà dato sul aereo scrivendo l'indirizzo del luogo di soggiorno

Informazioni utili per gli italiani

Documento pdf con maggiori info

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Zorba the Greek!!!!

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I was watching some greek evening news when they showed this amazing video about some local people in australia dancing the famous song!!!
A different way of doing it but it was very funny! They are Great!!! The news also said that famous composer, Mikis Theodorakis, wants to see the video and talked directly with one Australian minister about it.

Here it is: