venerdì 20 luglio 2007

Preparing for japan o3

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Our heroes are ready to travel...only a couple of days and we are! How long will they restist on traditional dishes like sushi or yakitori? How long it will take them to return to the dear past or even mcdonalds or similar?? Lets see :)

giovedì 12 luglio 2007

Bagagli - Luggages

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Tratto dalla mia mail una guida veloce sulle restrizioni dei bagagli con la Austrian airlines.
Ci possono essere piccole differenze da compagnia a compagnia ma le nuove regole valgono per tutte!

Per tutti quelli che viaggiono con la austrian..ecco le restrizioni sui bagagli cosi non ci troviamo delle sorprese!

Testo in inglese:

Per bagaglio da spedire....

Adults and children above the age of 2 years 20kg/44lbs

Please observe that a single piece of luggage can only be accepted up to a maximum weight of 32kg/70lbs and a maximum dimension of 203cm/80in (sum of three dimensions). In case your luggage exceeds these limits please contact your booking office or Austrian Airlines CallCenter under +43 (0)5 1789.

Following items may be carried free of charge in addition to your free baggage allowance on all Austrian Airlines Group operated flights:

1 coat or similar item or blanket
1 umbrella or 1 walking stick
1 handbag
1 small camera or binoculars

Per il bagaglio a mano invece....

A single item of hand luggage is permitted to measure 55x40x23cm (21,4x15,5x9in) and weigh a maximum of 8 kg/18lbs.

Con le nuove restrizioni invece sul bagaglio a mano per gel/liquidi...inclusi gel per capelli Smile

You may continue to carry liquids, gels and sprays in your hand-baggage in packages of up to 100ml in volume. These must be packed in a transparent and resealable plastic-bag of up to one litre in volume. One of these bags is permitted per passenger. Foodstuffs are also restricted (e.g. beverages, cream- and soft-cheese).
Please note, that the following items must be presented separately at the screening-checkpoints:

* Transparent plastic-bag, containing articles with max. volume 100ml each
* Laptops and electronic equipment (mp3 players, mobile phones, etc)
* Jackets and coats
* Duty Free Articles

Nel seguente indirizzo troverete pdf e anche video riguardo quanto detto sopra:

Ricordiamoci che c'è il collegamento via vienna perciò non è detto che articoli acquistati al dutyfree per esempio di milano vadano bene per il viaggio successivo...
Aggiungo 2 paragrafi in più riguardo il volo interno:

Liquids, gels and Sprays bought at EU-Airport-Shops or EU-air-carriers must be in a sealed plastic-bag and marked with place and date of purchase. These bags must not be opened until you have reached your final destination.

Liquids, gels and Sprays from NON-EU-Airport-Shops or NON-EU-Air-Carriers which do not meet the requirements (e.g. spirits) have to be disposed of at the screening-checkpoints. There are no check-in facilities for baggage and restricted articles in the transit-hall in Vienna.

Da aggiungere la multa per eventuale sovrapeso:

Zone 5: between zones 1/2/3/4 and the rest of Asia (Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan & Vietnam)EUR 40/kg
All fees are charged for a one-way trip and apply in case you start your journey on Austrian Airlines. Different rules and rates may be applicable for code share flights operated by partner airlines.

Per equipagiamento sportivo...

Sports equipment is not included in the free baggage allowance. A flat fee applies for the transport of sports equipment in any case.

As of 01 June 2007 following flat rates apply:

Category Continental flight Intercontinental flight
Small (up to 15kg and/or up to 1,40m length) EUR 20/piece EUR 40/piece
Medium (15-30kg and/or 1,41m-2m length) EUR 40/piece EUR 80/piece
Large (more than 30kg and/or more than 2m length) EUR 80/piece EUR 160/piece

These prices are per Oneway.


1 ski - or snowboard equipment per passenger may be transported free of charge
HON Circle members and Senators may take 1 sports equipment of the category "Small" without any surcharge

mercoledì 11 luglio 2007

Preparing for japan 01

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Iniziavo questo post con info generali che ho trovato in giro per la rete..spero che concentrate qua vi siano di aiuto ;)

Se volete portare dei regali tipo vino dovete sapere che in dogana è permesso legalmente di portare al massimo 3 bottiglie da resto verrà sequestrato o buttato credo!

L'ambasciata Italiana si trova a 2-5-4 minato-ku 108-8302, cioè il quartiere di minato. Con numero di telefono +813/34535291-2-3-4-5-6 cioè 6 linee :)

Riguardo l'assicurazione medica l'italia non ha nessun accordo con il giappone perciò meglio farne una privata. Io mi faccio quella del CTS da 49 euro che mi copre fino a 50000euro...speriamo che non mi serva ;)

I'll start this post with general info that i found in the net...i hope that been concentrated here will help you ;)

If you want to bring gifts as wine you should know that customs legaly permit to bring max 3 bottles of 760ml..the rest will be confiscated or thrown away i believe!

The Italian embassy is at 2-5-4 minato-ku 108-8302, the minato block. With phone number +813/34535291-2-3-4-5-6 that means 6 lines :)

Regarding health insurance italy has no agreement with japan so its better do a private one. I'll do the one that CTS offers at 49 euros that covers until 50000euros...lets hope i won't need it ;)